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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Who is getting the COVID-19 vaccine right now? Who is next to get it?

COVID-19 vaccination efforts are currently underway in Calaveras County. COVID-19 vaccines are currently available for:

  • Healthcare workers- IN PROGRESS
  • Long-term care residents- IN PROGRESS
  • Individuals 65 and older - IN PROGRESS

Those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors:

  • Education and childcare - IN PROGRESS
  • Emergency services - IN PROGRESS
  • Food and agriculture - IN PROGRESS

Priority groups and timeline are subject to change based on the state allocation guidelines, vaccine production, and how quickly other COVID-19 vaccines become available.

If you are not currently eligible, Calaveras Public Health will notify the public through local media outlets and social media when it's your turn.

How can I get the COVID-19 vaccination if you are 65 and older?

Visit or call 1-833-422-4255 to make a vaccination appointment. 

When can the general public, who are not in phase 1, start getting vaccinated?

It depends on available resources, vaccine production, and how quickly other vaccines become available.

How many COVID-19 doses are needed?

  • Two doses for the Pfizer vaccine, 21 days apart
  • Two doses for the Moderna vaccine, 28 days apart

Those who are given the COVID-19 vaccine will be scheduled for their second dose when they receive the first one.

How much will the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

Nothing. COVID-19 vaccines, including their administration, are free.

Do I need to live in Calaveras to get COVID-19 vaccine?

You need to live or work in Calaveras County to receive a vaccine. 

How will I get notified when it’s my turn to get the vaccine and where to get it?

Sign up at to receive a notification when you are eligible to be vaccinated. 

I already had COVID-19. Should I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes. At this time, we do not know how long someone is protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19.

Will I still need to wear a mask after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes. How much protection the COVID-19 vaccine provides under real-life conditions is still unknown. It is important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to help us stop this pandemic, like:

  • Staying home and isolating when others are sick
  • Wearing masks
  • Washing hands often
  • Practicing social distancing

When done together, COVID-19 vaccination and recommendations for how to protect yourself will offer the best protection from getting and spreading COVID-19.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine give me COVID-19?

No. The COVID-19 vaccine does not contain coronavirus and cannot give you COVID-19.

Will the vaccine make me test positive for COVID-19?

No. A vaccine will not cause you to test positive on viral tests.  If your body develops an immune response (the goal of vaccination) there is a possibility that you may test positive on antibody tests. Antibody tests indicate that you may have protection against the virus.

How effective are the COVID-19 vaccines?

The first two vaccines available have shown 94-95% efficacy against a person becoming ill with COVID-19.

Is one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine effective?

Getting the second dose of the vaccine will make it more effective. When you receive your first dose, you should schedule the second dose appointment.

What can I do now to help protect myself and others from getting COVID-19 until I am able to get the vaccine?

To protect yourself and others, follow these recommendations:

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others
  • Avoid crowds
  • Avoid poorly ventilated areas
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water

For more information about these and other steps you can take to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

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